Odour & Emissions Publications 2009


Witherspoon J., Apgar D., Ward M., Parker W., Corsi R., Quigley C., Easter C.,  Morton R., Bassrai S., Bowker R.P.G., Dillion C., Wolstenholme P., Stuetz R. And Joyce J. (2009) Collection Systems Ventilation Research Report WERF Report 04-CTS-1A, Water Environment Research Foundation, 100p (ISBN: 9781843392880)


Journal papers - refereed


 Sohn J-H, Pioggia G., Craig I.P., Stuetz R.M. and Atzeni M. G. (2009) Identifying major contributing sources to odour annoyance using a non-specific gas sensor array. Biosystem Engineering 102, 305-312


Conference papers - refereed


Dever S., Swarbrick G.E. and Stuetz R.M. (2009) A simple carbon mass balance model for evaluating the filed performance of a passive landfill gas biofilter. Proceeding 12th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia 2009, Italy, CD-Rom 10p.


Conference papers – non-refereed


Dever S., Swarbrick G.E. and Stuetz R.M. (2009) Guidelines for the Design, Construction and Operation of a Passive Landfill Gas Drainage and Biofiltration System. In proceeding: 3rd National Landfill and Transfer Station Conference, Hobert, 9p.


Parcsi G., Wang X. And Stuetz, R.M (2009) Improving odour management using Olfactory GC-MS. Proceeding Ecoforum Conference 2009, Sydney