Odour & Emissions Publications 2006

Journal papers - refereed


Barbosa V.L., Atkins S.D., Pereira Barbosa V. and Stuetz R.M. (2006) Characterisation of Thiobacillus thioparus isolated from an activated sludge bioreactor used for hydrogen sulphide treatment. Journal of Applied Microbiology 101, 1269-1281


Barbosa V.L., Hobbs P.J., Sneath, R.W., Callen J. and Stuetz R.M. (2006) Investigating the capacity of an activated sludge process to reduce odour emissions. Water Environment Research, 78(8), 842-851


Conference papers - refereed


Georgaki G., Stuetz R.M. and Jefferson B. (2006) Mass transfer modelling of H2S in odour treatment technologies. Proceeding 4th CIWEM Annual Conference, Newcastle, 12p.


Conference papers – non-refereed


Chattopadhyay G. Wang X. and Stuetz R.M. (2006) Assessment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours using passive sampling and olfactory-GC-MS. Proceeding Enviro 06 – Odour conference, Melbourne, CD-Rom 2p.


Dever S.A., Swarbrick G.E., Stuetz R.M., Kaucner C., and Every E. (2006).  Factors that affect the performance of passive landfill gas drainage and biofiltration systems in the field. 4th Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium, Gallivare, Sweden.


Other Articles


Stuetz R.M. and Frechen F-B (2006) Quantifying odours from food industry wastewaters. Water (March), pp. 80-82