Odour & Emissions Publications 2000

Book chapters


Fenner R.A. and Stuetz R.M. (2000) Methods of odour measurement and assessment. In: Environmental Technologies to Treat Sulfur Pollution: Principles and Engineering, (P. Lens and L Pols, eds.), p. 305-326, IWA Publishing, London (ISBN: 9781900222099)


Journal papers – refereed


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Stuetz R. M., Fenner R.A., Hall S.J., Stratful I. and Loke D. (2000) Monitoring wastewater odours using an electronic nose. Water Science and Technology 41 (6): 41-48


Conference papers – non-refereed


Stuetz R.M. and Warburton J.D. (2000) The use of chemical sensory arrays for on-line detection of VOCs in water. Proceeding Pittcon 2000, New Orleans, CD-Rom 2p


Other Articles


Burgess J.E. and Stuetz R.M. (2000) Activated sludge for odour abatement. Water 21 (December), pp. 57-59


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