Odour & Emissions Publications 1999

Journal papers - refereed


Stuetz R.M., Georges S., Fenner R.A. and Hall S.J. (1999) Monitoring wastewater BOD using a non-specific sensor array. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 74 (11): 1069-1074.


Fenner R.A. and Stuetz R.M. (1999) The application of electronic nose technology to environmental monitoring of water and wastewater activities.  Water Environment Research 31 (3): 282-289.


Stuetz R.M., Fenner R.A. and Engin G. (1999) Assessment of odours from sewage treatment works by an electronic nose, H2S analysis and olfactometry. Water Research 33 (2): 453-461


Stuetz R.M., Fenner R.A. and Engin G. (1999) Characterisation of wastewater using an electronic nose.  Water Research 33 (2): 442-452


 Conference papers – non-refereed


Stuetz R.M., Fenner R.A. and Ratcliff J. (1999) Surrogate monitoring in wastewater treatment. Proceeding 6th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose, ISOEN99, Tubingen, p. 341-345


Other Articles


Stuetz R.M. (1999) Sniffing out trouble – use of an electronic nose in water and effluent monitoring. WETnews (April), pp. 34-35